Last updated: 2019-02-18

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This reproducible R Markdown analysis was created with workflowr (version 1.2.0). The Report tab describes the reproducibility checks that were applied when the results were created. The Past versions tab lists the development history.

Great! Since the R Markdown file has been committed to the Git repository, you know the exact version of the code that produced these results.

Great! You are using Git for version control. Tracking code development and connecting the code version to the results is critical for reproducibility. The version displayed above was the version of the Git repository at the time these results were generated.

Note that you need to be careful to ensure that all relevant files for the analysis have been committed to Git prior to generating the results (you can use wflow_publish or wflow_git_commit). workflowr only checks the R Markdown file, but you know if there are other scripts or data files that it depends on. Below is the status of the Git repository when the results were generated:

Ignored files:
    Ignored:    .Rhistory
    Ignored:    .Rproj.user/

Note that any generated files, e.g. HTML, png, CSS, etc., are not included in this status report because it is ok for generated content to have uncommitted changes.

These are the previous versions of the R Markdown and HTML files. If you’ve configured a remote Git repository (see ?wflow_git_remote), click on the hyperlinks in the table below to view them.

File Version Author Date Message
html 7e484b8 Xiang Zhu 2018-12-26 Build site.
Rmd a0fe25c Xiang Zhu 2018-12-26 wflow_publish(“analysis/license.Rmd”)
html 6b9c441 Xiang Zhu 2018-12-26 Build site.
Rmd 2217178 Xiang Zhu 2018-12-26 wflow_publish(“analysis/license.Rmd”)
html db3c134 Xiang Zhu 2018-10-29 Build site.
Rmd cda0864 Xiang Zhu 2018-10-29 wflow_publish(“analysis/license.Rmd”)
html 6fcb3cf Xiang Zhu 2018-10-29 Build site.
Rmd abed2b1 Xiang Zhu 2018-10-29 wflow_publish(“analysis/license.Rmd”)
html 4cd1ff8 Xiang Zhu 2018-10-19 Build site.
Rmd 7d05b78 Xiang Zhu 2018-10-19 wflow_publish(“analysis/license.Rmd”)
html 1c85967 Xiang Zhu 2018-10-05 Build site.
html ff6afd0 Xiang Zhu 2018-06-26 Build site.
Rmd bf31edf Xiang Zhu 2018-06-26 wflow_publish(files = c(“analysis/index.Rmd”, “analysis/license.Rmd”))
Rmd cee1a92 Xiang Zhu 2018-06-26 Start workflowr project.

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If you use any results from this notebook, please explicitly acknowledge that the results are retrieved from, and cite the following article:

Xiang Zhu and Matthew Stephens (2018). Large-scale genome-wide enrichment analyses identify new trait-associated genes and pathways across 31 human phenotypes. Nature Communications 9, 4361.

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Icons used in this notebook are credited to the Noun Project